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At Swiss Ortho Clinic, we understand the importance of responding quickly to orthopedic injuries. Our dedicated team is ready to handle a variety of situations, such as fractures, upper and lower limb injuries, meniscal injuries, sprains, tendon tears, and much more.

Don't let an orthopedic injury immobilize you. At Swiss Ortho Clinic, we'll see you right away.

We’ve partnered with imaging clinics to arrange the necessary tests. What’s more, we coordinate your treatment with a wide range of professionals, from pre-surgery preparation to clinic, rehabilitation and return to sport.

We understand that some people are more vulnerable than others. That’s why, if necessary, we make house calls to care for fragile or at-risk patients.

Your orthopedic health is our priority. Trust Swiss Ortho Clinic to take care of you quickly and efficiently.

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